Welcome to the Colorado Disabled Students’ Network (CDSN)! We are a home for disabled college students and alumni who live in, or are going to school in, Colorado. We provide:

  • Information: Peer-sourced trainings and resources to help you navigate life as a disabled college student. 
  • Connection: A network of people who understand.
  • Advocacy and support: Peer mentors who can help you problem-solve a situation or support efforts toward systemic reform.

Please learn more about us, and contact us if you have questions or would like to receive our newsletter.

Students who would like to engage with the network, please fill out our Interest Form [opens google form in new tab].

Flyer that says Colorado Disabled Students' Network. Peer support, resources, workshops, leadership opportunities. We are an independent, peer-led, support network for college students with disabilities. Past, current, and future students welcome! Open to anyone who is based in Colorado and identifies as disabled. Virtual and in-person participation options. Website: www.DisabledStudentsNetwork.org. Email: info@disabledstudentsnetwork.org